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Колледж психологы Б.Б.Конарова 1аРШО тобында «Біз біргеміз»атты тренинг өтті. Тренинг мақсаты – өзіне деген сенімділігін, өзін өзі тану қабілеттерін анықтау.

On September 17, at the Palace of Schoolchildren and Youth, a meeting-conversation was held on the topic: "Generation of Independence!".

On September 18, the Health Festival 2021 was organized and held at the Ural Humanitarian and Technical College on the territory of "Khanskaya Roshcha", under the motto "I, you, he - we are a healthy country!"

On September 18, the "Health Festival – 2021" was held under the motto "I, you, he, we are a healthy Country". The "Health Festival" began with a congratulatory speech by A. Zh. Otarbai, wishing the participants good luck.

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